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It’s really easy to make a few additions every so often but it doesn’t take long for cables to be sprouting from all directions and before you know it you’ve created a beast that no one wants to touch.

With the impending ‘PSTN Switch Off’ on the horizon, it may be worth thinking about getting a few things in order before taking on the task of switching to VoIP.

If your cabinet resembles the one in the photo, then a tidy up would be beneficial.

Having a straightforward cabling system will save time when problem solving faults, which is valuable if you’re being charged by the hour.

It will give you the opportunity to colour code the cables making it user friendly for any IT/Telecoms team.

An organised cabinet makes it so much easier to make changes or add new equipment, as well as making space for future expansion.

The ‘PSTN Switch Off’ won’t be happening till 2025 so fortunately you have time to research what your business needs to do to be ready. 

If you resonate with the photo then having a tidy up might just be your next best idea.

For information regarding the PSTN Switch Off please see here https://rylandcommunications.co.uk/ringing-the-changes/

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