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As spring is in the air and we prepare to offload a few layers, we often feel the need for a bit of a spring clean or tidy up.  We’ve all had a fairly tumultuous year, so now would be a great time to take stock.  Some of our customers are doing exactly that, they’ve noticed areas that need improving and are keen to address them. Who doesn’t want solid foundations?

Here’s a few areas to consider before you get started:-

Firstly, look at your set up. It’s likely that the telecoms set up you have today has been altered to cope with the last 12 months.  With employees working from home, no doubt you’ve had to make some changes. Have you muddled through with a temporary arrangement or have you organised something more permanent?  Make sure your business telecoms are doing what you need them to do for now and the near future.

An audit is always worth doing, even if it is just for peace of mind. Whilst you have been making changes to accommodate lockdown, you may find there are services or equipment you no longer need. Are you paying for them? Check your bill and make sure you can identify everything listed and confirm it is current.

Do you have some back up? If things go wrong can you pick up the phone and call someone to fix it?  This may be a Service Level Agreement that you pay for annually or a similar arrangement. Check that these are up to date and be aware of the expiry date.  If you don’t have something in place, do a bit of research and get some numbers to hand, just in case.

Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan? Being prepared can help minimise the impact of any unexpected events.  Carry out a quick risk assessment.  Identify the risks and look at how they might affect your business. How flexible is your set up?  The last 12 months have probably given you a good idea as to what your business was and wasn’t ready for.

Lastly, update your team. Whatever changes have been made, let your staff know about it.  Have you set up a new divert, or a new group of numbers? Have you changed how your customers communicate with you? Have you supplied your team with new equipment? It’s good practice to keep your staff clued up and equipped to operate in line with any business changes.

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