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A year ago our world changed as we entered lockdown believing that we were going to spend a few months at home whilst we got to grips with the pandemic. Little did we know that a year on we would still be at home and in shock at losing over 100,000 people to Covid-19.

Thankfully, the U.K. has been quick to roll out the vaccinations; this has brought hope to many.

As we gradually pick ourselves up and attempt to find some kind of normal, businesses have been adapting and innovating like crazy, hanging on to whatever works and trying to figure out a way forward.

We have had to learn to work in a Covid secure way. Protecting staff and others that we may encounter. For us, that has meant supporting our staff to work in a way that suits them. Working from home was the natural suggestion but that didn’t suit everyone. We were lucky enough to find a way that worked for all of us. Some coming to the office and some working from home.

Health and Safety for home workers was addressed and risk assessments written. Office routines were changed to incorporate social distancing, continuous cleaning and enough anti-bacterial products to sink a ship. We were quite proud when a spot check by the HSE gave us an impressive thumbs up.

Working from home looks as if it’s here to stay and fortunately the technology available to us these days can provide many ways to do that. As a telecoms provider we can affirm that telephone systems have come a long way since just routing calls. They can integrate with other software systems helping you manage your organisation in a more efficient way.

As telecoms become more sophisticated, they have also become easier to use, there are desktop solutions that come pre-configured so you can just plug and play. There’s no longer any need to fork out for an out right purchase, monthly plans without being tied in for unreasonable lengths of time are now the preferred way to go.  You can even work from your dream destination as non-geographic numbers don’t link you to specific locations.

In short there are many flexible solutions available that can seamlessly keep your business operating smoothly. If you’d like to discuss some options, we would be delighted to help you.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you well with the months ahead.

“Conversation is at the heart of our business”

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